Mac & PC Laptop & Desktop repair

Tech PA fix a range of desktop and laptop computers. Whether the computer doesn’t start up or is not working quite right we have the knowledge and tools to rectify problems. Laptop screens, keyboards and some power jacks can also be replaced by us. Contact us for more information and to get a quote.

Computer health checks & optimisation

Like cars, computers need attention every so often. Depending how frequently they are used will dictate how often they should be serviced. If you rely on your computer daily it pays to have it serviced at least every 6 months. Optimising performance means you can work more quickly and efficiently without having to wait for your computer to catch up.

Virus removal & Anti-Virus protection

We remove even the most stubborn computer viruses. Using our array of tools there hasn’t been one to beat us yet. As is always said, prevention is better than cure, and so we’ll install current AV software after removing any threat.


Security & Theft tracking

In our modern age our devices are of great importance and can carry sensitive data. You need to have in place a backup and way of tracking if they’re ever lost or stolen. Data can be remotely wiped or secured to ensure it remains private. We also offer a security audit to check the strength of your passwords to ensure you’re not an easy target.

Wired & Wifi Networks

Nearly all new consumer technology will have some type of internet connectivity. This means your router or Wifi signal needs to be able to serve your devices well. Most modern homes have very thick walls or steel which doesn’t play well with Wifi. Tech PA can asses and provide a solution to improve, extend or install a new network. We can also assist with internet connection faults.

On & Off-site backup

Backup, backup and backup! The first rule of IT is often overlooked and generally only paid attention to after an event of loss. Regardless of what data you have, think of the inconvenience if it was lost or even stolen, not to mention the costly expense of recovery. Tech PA offer a variety of on and off site backup solutions based on how much data you hold.


Cloud services & remote access

Not everyone needs access to their data at all times, but for those that do, we can help. There are numerous ways to access what you need. There are many factors involved based on what you need to access and the devices used. Call us for advice.

Domains, hosting, email creation & migration

If you’re looking to setup your own domain for a more personalised email account, we can help out by setting everything up for you. Having your own domain gives out a professional impression. Previous email can either be migrated to your new account or archived off and kept safe. Tech PA hold close partnerships with web development agencies and freelancers who we happily recommend.

Android & Apple Mobile Devices

We help with new phones and tablets, moving all of your contacts, calendars and email accounts. We’ll show you how to use them, set you up with the relevant accounts for purchasing Apps, setting up backups and how to protect devices in case they are lost.


Basic Tuition

If you feel you’re being left behind with technology and have the desire to get ahead of your kids, Tech PA offer basic tuition for the most common of tasks. It maybe making photo albums, implementing security measures to protect your children or just working more efficiently. Contact us for more information.

Family Safety

If you have young children its important to have controls in place to keep unsuitable content away from prying eyes. Using a variety of methods depending on your devices, we’ll help you implement controls to prevent adult related content from being viewed.

Consultancy & Buying Advice

If you’re not quite sure what your next computer should be or just don’t understand all of the numbers in product specifications, ask us for buying advice. We’re on top of new developments and have keen interest in computers, gadgets and the like. We’re happy to recommend to you what would suit you based on your needs. Call us.